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Of course we are always available by phone or email.   We love to talk about how our services may benefit your lending institution.

  1. Upload copy of Subcontract into ConstructionManager Or, simply email us a copy for review.
  2. Submit initial payment (as quoted by your representative)
  3. Within 24 hours, we will provide our “Initial Project Analysis” report for your review.

The Initial Project Analysis report provides critical risk data related to but not limited to the following items:

  • Client Tier Structure
  • Tier Risk assessment
  • Confirmation of Client Lien Rights
  • Initial Project Risk Score

Our verification team will work in full transparency with you and/or your client throughout the entire project.   Our team will verify certain items to add security to the lending relationship.   All reports, documents and data are  available in real time via your firm’s secure portal to our ConstructionManager product for review.

The dynamic ConstructionManager Project Analysis Report is available to your firm throughout the funding project.

The lender is encouraged to review the Project Analysis Report before each funding.  Risk items such as supplier payments, lien waivers, client lien rights could change from month to month affecting the current risk score.

We can’t wait to serve your firm in providing a project driven data resulting in a more secure Contractor lending experience.